Through the years, we've seen a lot of marketing trends and strategies come and go. At HMC we've been in business for over 22 years. Mike Jungers, President/Founder of Heartland Marketing & Communications, Inc. has over 32 years of successful marketing, branding, and advertising experience.

At HMC, we've stood the test of time through long-term close working relationships with our clients with the goal of being focused on results, creativity and maximizing budgets. And we've embraced the ever-changing marketing landscape, helping our clients develop successful measurable social/digital media strategies with proven processes.

When you hire HMC, we're on your team, and you instantly benefit from a tremendous amount of marketing experience, focused on aggressive and smart strategies. Today's business environment is fast paced, ever changing and very competitive. HMC provides experienced marketing expertise at a fraction-of-the-cost of hiring full-time personnel with less experience.

At HMC, we've been "Winning & Growing Together" for years. We. Can. Help!